Todd Asher has been interested in art most of his life. Here are a few samples of his work.

Pencil Drawings

Pencil and paper have long been his favorite medium.

One day in 1987, after coming home from a particularly bad day at work, he grabbed a pencil and his pad of newsprint and a flower that was in the house and whipped up this 'little' gem in about two hours. This was the seed for the obsession with roses. Full size it's about 24 inches tall. You can see his signature for his artwork that became the basis for the company logo.

Computer Art

Here are a couple of exapmles of computer-generated artwork that he produced in the late 90's.

The first one is entitled 'Alien World.' It exemplifies his simplistic compositional style. There are only 3 key elements to this picture, yet they relate and balance each other perfectly.

The next one is entitled 'Crossroads.' It's a modern update of a pencil drawing he did in high school. Definitely an abstract piece!